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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy 

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At the office of Candace L. Peterson, DMD, we understand that root canals are a procedure that patients are often anxious about; however, we also know that they play an essential part in protecting our patients’ oral health. That’s why we believe in creating a calming office environment and thoroughly educating our patients prior to performing any procedure. 


Understanding the Importance of Root Canal Therapy

If a tooth nerve is infected or decaying, root canal treatment may be necessary. In order for the tooth to be saved, an experienced dentist will remove the nerves, bacteria, living tissue of the tooth (known as the pulp), and any decay. The space that remains is replaced with dental fillers that are specially medicated. Oftentimes, a crown will be recommended because a tooth that has endured a root canal tends to be more vulnerable to cracking and breaking.

Without a root canal, there is the chance that the tooth would die and eventually need to be extracted. If this is the case, future dental issues usually arise, as the other teeth can move around and cause problems. However, the great thing about root canal therapy is that the procedure is very successful and usually lasts forever. In the rare case, a tooth may acquire new infections and have to be treated again. Dr. Peterson and staff are skilled in root canal therapy and the accompanying procedures and complications that might go along with it.


Signs That May Indicate the Need for a Root Canal

Teeth that require treatment don’t always cause pain or discomfort; however, there are certain symptoms that can appear to indicate that a root canal may be necessary. These include:

  • Severe pain in a particular tooth
  • Tenderness and/or swelling of the area around the tooth
  • Cold, hot, and pressure sensitivity
  • A gum abscess


When a Root Canal Is Recommended 

With or without symptoms, there are definitive reasons for root canal treatment. These include:

  • Trauma or injury to the tooth
  • A developing abscess or infection at the tip of the root or inside the tooth
  • Decaying pulp


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When it comes to your teeth, you want to work with a dentist that you can trust, and Candace L. Peterson, DMD can offer you that peace of mind. If you feel that you may have symptoms indicating the need for a root canal, or are experiencing any tooth discomfort, call our office today for an appointment. We are located in Tualatin, OR and serve the surrounding communities of Tigard, Lake Grove and more. Contact us at 503-691-9046, or you can schedule your appointment online.