See Why Tualatin Families Love Our Practice!

Thank you for taking the time to look over our testimonials page to see what your fellow Tualatinians like about Dr. Candace Peterson and her oral care treatment for everyone in the family. Like you, we firmly believe in the endorsements of our peers in helping us to determine which people to entrust our smiles to. It is because of this fact that we get super proud when we hear the kind sentiments that our patients say about us.



Here’s what our patients say about us:

You and all your workers are the best in the dental practice. Very gentle caring and through. I like the way you get the job done without wasting the patient's time, you do a great job of scheduling so I don't ever have to wait in the reception area.
Good job, keep it up.


I have always been self conscious about my teeth...I didn't have braces as a kid. With veneers, Dr. Peterson gave me a smile that I love and that I'm proud to share with others--my teeth look FABULOUS!


The hygienist was very thorough and thoughtful. She gave me special instructions and took time to show me how to improve the problem areas of my teeth. I just got new insurance and don't even know what plan I am on. The front office staff took the time to figure it out while I was getting my teeth cleaned...very impressive! I love you guys (gals)...keep up the excellent customer service! I'm sending my teenage daughter to you now, because I trust that you will take good care of her.


What I like best is that Dr. Peterson and staff are very caring - I need that!!!


Dr. Peterson combines professionalism and a friendly, caring manner that makes me look forward to my visits. She has been my dentist for more than fifteen years, and though I now live in Vancouver, I see no reason to change.


The whole staff is friendly to me and especially kind and understanding since I have a very heightened fear of the dentist! This is the only place I trust.


At your office, we feel like we are with our own family members. Great professional treatments as always!


Everyone in the office is so kind, friendly and skilled that it makes going to the dentist downright pleasant. Thanks for having such a warm and capable office.


I love everybody!! Such a warm and happy place plus my teeth are taken care of!!


Appointments here are great! Staff is always happy and upbeat. More than willing to accommodate and explain. NO problems whatsoever.


Dr. Peterson and her assistant did a great job of letting me know what they were doing so there were no surprises. They also had warm and fun personalities which made it a good experience :)


July 13th I was offered a blanket in the chair because the office is cool- who would think to do that in the summer but a caring staff! Just an example of the culture of this office.


Everything is warm, fuzzy and comfortable yet professional high standards are clearly there!!


Candace always asks to see pictures of my baby girl. I really love that she is so personable with her patients and makes an effort to make those connections.


My new implants are one of the best investments I have made.


I like the thoroughness of the exams and the crosscheck between dentist, hygienists and assistants. A positive place, expecially for dentistry.


My family and I have been patients of Dr. Peterson for over 8 years. During that time, Dr. Peterson has treated us for regular six-month checkups and has always made herself available for any emergencies that arose. Dr. Peterson - and her staff - have always conducted themselves in a friendly and professional manner and have always been sensitive to any concerns that we were experiencing. The office is clean, well-designed, well-managed, comfortable, prompt, efficient and relaxing - it almost makes going to the dentist fun. Our children, who live our of state, still call and make appointments to be treated by Dr. Peterson when they visit us during the summer or holidays - that is just how comfortable we are with her and how much she is respected and trusted by us. We think Dr. Peterson is the best and we highly recommend her and her staff.

Eric, Maryann and family

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lukas and his teeth last week. It is always hard to move to a new location and start over with all of the health care providers, but you and your office staff made that transition easy, so thanks again.


Thank you for the great experience with my root canal. The best part of my experience was the interaction between you and your staff. Collegiality is so evident. I was particularly impressed with the rhythm between you and Trish. Each knows what the other needs; few words were spoken, yet both of you knew what the other was about to do. I was impressed. I also appreciated the phone call today to follow up on how I was doing following the procedure. And all this time you thought I was just listening to my iPod. Thanks again; you and your team have my total trust.


Very pleasant experience. Up to date techniques, equipment, and procedures much appreciated. Good follow up.